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Nightmare Before Christmas

Listed below are various ”The Nightmare Before Christmas” items that I have for sale or trade. If you need to see a picture of a particular item please Email me!

This page is still under construction! Please keep in mind that I do have 100s of NMBC items from the original 1993 release by Hasbro and Applause. If you just can’t wait until this page is completed then please Email for a complete inventory list!

All items listed are strictly graded! Satisfaction guaranteed!

1993 Hasbro Boxed Figures , C-9
Item Description Price
Tear Apart Boxed Sally, C-9+$500
Talking Jack, C-9+$300
Boxed Oogie Boogie w/ Spiders, C-9$250
Loose Oogie Boogie w/ Spiders, mint$150
Farting Oogie Boogie, tags never removed$100
Boxed Lock, Shock, and Barrell$250
Boxed Santa Puppet$100
JUN Planning Co. Boxed Zero and Grave Scene$100

1993 Hasbro Carded Figures
Item Description Price
Carded Sally$110
Carded Jack$90
Carded Mayor$125
Carded Werewolf$100
Carded Scientist$100
Carded Behemoth$90
Carded Jack as Santa$75
Carded Oogie Boogie$225
Carded Santa$225

1993 Applause Plush Figures
Item Description Price
Farting Oogie Boogie, tags never removed$100
Plush Santa, never removed from bag$60

Miscellaneous Nightmare Toys / Collectibles
Item Description Price
Timex Flip Face Jack Watch, mint$$$
Timex Jack and Lock, Shock, and Barrel Watches, mint in box$$$
Jack Bubble Bath, glow-in-the-dark head$$$
AMC Movie Theatre Cups$$$